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All Club Regattas are scored under the Portsmouth Handicap System.  If any Regattas are Fleet specific those regattas will be scored by the traditional low point system as prescribed by US Sailing.  A link to the US Sailing Rules and Portsmouth Scoring System can be found on the Places and Things page.

Memorial Day Regatta 2019

4 races, 3 in "drifting" no wind conditions and 1 in a fresh breeze.

Numerous lead changes and close quarters crossings, aggressive starts and tactics!
1stEric and Ethan TomkoNOD
2ndDan McMahonLaser
3rdJohn Knoepke

Past Years Results

Memorial Day Regatta Results

DateRace NumberEric TomkoLou Tomko Dan McMahon Eugene Damiani Rick BealeRich OgrentzJohn KnoepkeNick BrakebillBill Kinney
05/24/1512615437810 DNF
05/24/152523461710 DNS10 DNS
05/24/1531342510 DNS610 DNS10 DNS
05/24/1541263410 DNS510 DNS10 DNS
TotalsPortsmouth Handicap91314141924253840
Finishing Place Low Point123456789
Low Scored - Annual Club Regatta

4th of July 2015 Regatta Results

DateRace NumberDan McMahon
Jon Oram
Eric Tomko
Bill Kinney
Rick Beale
Eugene Damiani
John Knoepke
David Dabertin
Total Points
Portsmouth Handicap87211921282620
Finishing PlaceLow Point21536874

Labor Day Regatta Results

DateRace NumberEric TomkoLou Tomko Dan McMahon Rick BealeJohn KnoepkeNick BrakebillJon Oram
09/06/15 114 2 58 (DNF)63
09/06/15 215 3 48 (DNF)8 (DNF)2
09/06/15 315 3 48 (DNF)8 (DNF)2
09/06/15418 (DNS) 3 28 (DNS)8 (DNS)4
TotalsPortsmouth Handicap 4 22 11 32 3011
Finishing Place Low Point 1 5 3 4 7 62
Low Scored - Annual Club Regatta